Animal Physiotherapy :

1. Home-based Service for the following :

◊ Pain and Arthritic Management

◊ Post Trauma and Neurological Disease Rehabilitation

◊ Manual Therapy

◊ Carer Education and Training

2. Recommendation and Prescription of Animal Wheelchair, Sling Support and Harness, Assistive Devices and Therapeutic Equipment

3. Fabrication of Animal Splintage

4. Assessment and Prescription of Prosthesis for amputated limbs

5. Jointly Organize Workshop


Manual Therapy

Pain and Arthritic Management.

Muscle Atrophy Management

Animal Wheelchair and Assistive Devices and Therapeutic Equipment.

Animal Splintage

Prescription of Prosthesis for amputated limbs.

Jointly Organize Workshop

Special thanks to the following agencies fro provision of pictures :

Tobby Friends Foundation